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Always wished you had dirty and adult emoticon options to send to your friends or special boo thang? We did too and now you can! Choose from tons of adult emoticons to use with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email and text messaging. Oh yea, did we mention that Adulticons will help you get laid? (Well maybe not, but we hope so). Sext your friends hard and get dirty with us!

Emoticon Builder

Have you ever had an awesome emoji idea, but it doesn't exist? Build it yourself! Emoticon Builder has endless combinations of accessories for you to create your own emoji. Make one of yourself or of your friends and send people custom emoji they have never seen! Be your own artist and create your own emoji to show people what you are really thinking. Build on, dudes and babes!

Adult Animoticons

Love and want adult emoji? How about animated adult emoji? Adult Animoticons is the ONLY app that has adult animated emoji for both iPhone and Android. Who doesn't send suggestive texts to flings and floozies, we all do and this is the best way to do it! Grab some naughty emoji for your phone right meow you little gutter thinkers!!